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Music Theory Videos

When students begin music studies, theory is often seen as a separate entity from the music that they have to practice.


It is true that you don't necessarily need theory in order to make music.  However, when the connections can be made between theory and practice, a whole new world of appreciation and understanding opens up to you!







Analyzing Christmassy Melodies (submitted by Lucas C.)

This video discusses structure of melodies in two Mario series video games.


4 Chords (submitted by Lucas C.)

Many, many pop songs follow the same chord progressions.  Here is proof in this medley by The Axis of Awesome!


Equal vs. Just Temperament (submitted by Kaveri I.)

The only interval that can be perfectly tuned always is an octave.  With all other intervals, there are sacrifices that need to be made.  Today's pianos use equal temperament, meaning that the intervals are all equally spaced and there are very slight imperfections in every interval (except the octave), but they are all usable.  Just temperament, which is used by string instruments and brass instruments, tunes some intervals "perfectly" while others then become practically unusable.  Hear the difference between the two in this video.


Harmony in Five Levels of Difficulty 

This video views harmony in five levels: Child, Teen, College Student, Professional, Jazz Legend Herbie Hancock


Overview of Chords (submitted by Tong F.)

A great overview of triads, seventh chords, and larger extensions.  The video is in Chinese, but click on subtitles and you will find English subtitles.


Modal Interchange

Colorful harmonies can lead to really colorful pieces!


Lord of the Rings: How Music Elevates Story

Here is a discussion of film music and the idea of leitmotifs, which are short musical ideas that can be attached to certain characters.  This is an idea made famous by Richard Wagner, and is used throughout numerous films today.











Analyzing Christmassy Melodies for Christmas
8-bit Music Theory

Analyzing Christmassy Melodies for Christmas

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