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Performance Practice


If making music was simply playing the notes on the page, computers would be superior performers to humans!  However, it is the artistic value, the human element, that transforms both the performer and the audience.








5 Minutes On... Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata (submitted by Lucas C.)

Legendary pianist Daniel Barenboim explains the origin of the name "Moonlight Sonata" and how it can (or perhaps should not) influence your interpretation of performing this very famous piece.


Nearer, My God, to Thee (submitted by Kaveri I.)

Although pianists often shriek at the idea of having to sing out loud, good performance of piano actually follows singing, as it is a great way to feel the flow of a melody, phrasing, rubato, dynamics, and more.  Also, in a performance, such as a recital, it is visual just as much as it is auditory.  So although this is an a capella (vocals only) group, a lot about performance practice can be gained from this video.  Not to mention stunning camera work and wonderful harmonies!


13 Types of Pianists (submitted by Jaden F.)

Although some of these are obviously exaggerated (perhaps for more views!), it is important to transform ourselves in a performance, just as in acting, to the mood or style of a piece.


How to Practice - The Artistic Vision (submitted by Lucas C.)

The first step is just sitting down to practice.

The next step is how to practice to improve, rather than simply playing known pieces or sections of pieces over and over.

Then, and very importantly, is to consider the artistic vision of the piece, not just technical mastery.


Jon Nakamatsu's "Loser Club"

Jon Nakamatsu is a Gold Medalist of the Van Cliburn Competition -- one of the most prestigious international piano competitions.  Although he is now world-famous for this distinction, he reminds everyone that this is certainly not the only distinctive point in his career to get here.


Concert Grand Comparison 

If we had over a half a million dollars, we could buy some of the best concert grand pianos in the world.  Here is a video that takes the best Steinway, Bösendorfer, and Yamaha concert grand pianos on the same stage with same performer and microphone setup for a true side-by-side comparison.  What do you think?

Layers of Memorization

Memorization of pieces can come from simply playing pieces over and over (maybe), but thinking about pieces from many different angles help to really solidify memory and understanding.















5 Minutes On... Beethoven - The Moonlight Sonata (C# minor) | Daniel Barenboim [subtitulado]
Daniel Barenboim

5 Minutes On... Beethoven - The Moonlight Sonata (C# minor) | Daniel Barenboim [subtitulado]

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