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Tuition Rates

Tuition is based on an annual schedule billed in equal monthly payments.  This means that the number of lessons or events in a given month could vary, but over the course of the year, the lessons and events provided are consistent.


Annual Tuition includes:

  • 36 Private Lessons per year

  • Multiple Workshops each month

    • Performance Workshop​

    • Special Topics Workshop

    • Adult Workshop

  • Themed Performances

    • Winter: Holiday / Multi-Cultural ​

    • Student Private Concerts

    • Spring: Honors Recitals

    • Summer: Project Showcase

  • Studio Collaborative Projects

    • Fall: Spotify Music Playlist​ / Music Around the World

    • Winter: YouTube "Cool Videos" Playlist

    • Spring: Studio Creative Portfolio: Artwork, Essays, and more!

  • Subscription Access to:

    • Tonara (Practice App)

    • My Music Staff (Website Portal)

GK Piano Studio Tuition 

Located near intersection of Almaden and Branham  Map

Virtual Lessons Also Available


     45-minute weekly lessons: $425 per month

     60-minute weekly lessons: $515 per month

Payment Methods

  • Check, PayPal, Zelle/Bill Pay from bank, all major debit & credit cards accepted

  • Automatic payments preferred




Trial Lesson

  • The trial lesson is free!  This includes a meeting with the student(s) and parent(s) to determine the goals of the lessons, how long the lessons should be, and any concerns or questions


Family Incentive

  • Receive a $50 per month discount for each additional student (siblings, parents, etc.)

Tuition & Attendance

  • If the student misses a lesson for any reason or if the instructor cancels unexpectedly, a make-up lesson credit will be issued and can be scheduled within 30 days.  (In the summer months of Jun-Aug, make-ups will be allowed until the end of August.)

  • As I have a full teaching schedule, make-up lesson time slots are NOT guaranteed.

  • When the instructor takes leave that is planned in advance (State & National Music Teacher Conferences, vacation, administrative days, etc.), a make-up lesson will not be scheduled.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What if I will be missing several consecutive lessons (summer travel, etc.)?

A:  You must still pay for the entire month.  You can schedule make-up lessons for the lessons you miss.

Q:  Why is it the same tuition per month even though some months have more lessons than others?

A:  It is an annual tuition split into 12 monthly payments rather than a per-lesson charge.  There are also other things rolled into tuition, such as performances and special topics workshops.

Q:  Do you offer 30-minute lessons?

A:  I do not because 30-minute lessons are generally not enough time to cover the core material in a weekly lesson!  30-minute lessons are optimal for young beginners under the age of 7, but unfortunately I am not accepting young beginners at this time.




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