Tuition Rates

Tuition is based on an annual schedule billed in equal monthly payments.  This means that the number of lessons or events in a given month could vary, but over the course of the year, the lessons and events provided are consistent.


Annual Tuition includes:

  • 40 Private Lessons per year

  • Themed Performances (will vary during Covid)

    • Winter: Holiday / Multi-Cultural ​

    • Spring: Honors Recitals

    • Summer: Summer Project Showcase

    • Private Concerts

  • Several Special Topics Workshops

  • Subscription Access to:

    • Piano Maestro (Sight Reading)​

    • Tonara (Practice)

    • My Music Staff (Website Portal)

GK Piano Studio Tuition (2021-2022)

Located near intersection of Branham and Pearl  Map

Virtual Lessons Also Available


     45-minute weekly lessons: $280 per month

     60-minute weekly lessons: $335 per month

Payment Methods

  • Cash, check, PayPal, Zelle/Bill Pay from bank, all major debit & credit cards accepted

  • Automatic Payments also possible

  • Please make checks payable to GK Piano





Trial Lesson

  • The trial lesson is free!  This includes a meeting with the student(s) and parent(s) to determine the goals of the lessons, how long the lessons should be, and any concerns or questions


Multiple Student Incentive (GK Piano Studio ONLY)

  • Receive a $20 per month discount for each additional student


Double Lesson Incentive (GK Piano Studio ONLY)

  • Receive a $20 per month discount for any student who takes lessons twice a week

Adult Student Adjustment

  • Receive a $10 per month discount for adult students (ages 18+)

    • Showcase performances not included​

    • Lessons must be weekdays, finishing before 2 pm to be eligible for this discount

Tuition & Attendance

  • If the student misses a lesson for any reason or if the instructor cancels unexpectedly, a make-up lesson credit will be issued and can be scheduled within 30 days.  (In the summer months of Jun-Aug, make-ups will be allowed until the end of August.)

  • As I have a full teaching schedule, make-up lesson time slots are NOT guaranteed.

  • When the instructor takes leave that is planned in advance (State & National Music Teacher Conferences, vacation, administrative days, etc.), a make-up lesson will not be scheduled.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What if I will be missing several consecutive lessons (summer travel, etc.)?

A:  You must still pay for the entire month.  You can schedule make-up lessons for the lessons you miss.

Q:  Why is it the same tuition per month even though some months have more lessons than others?

A:  It is an annual tuition split into 12 monthly payments rather than a per-lesson charge.  There are also other things rolled into tuition, such as performances and special topics workshops.

Q:  Do you offer 30-minute lessons?

A:  I do not because 30-minute lessons are generally not enough time to cover the core material in a weekly lesson!  30-minute lessons are optimal for young beginners under the age of 7, but unfortunately I am not accepting young beginners at this time.