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I have given presentations at:

  • MTNA National Conference

  • CAPMT State Conference

  • MTAC State Convention

  • Local MTAC Branches and CAPMT Chapters

  • San Jose State University

Here is a list of presentations that I have given at a Conference and/or am able to give:

Presentations on Creativity

  • Applications of Improvisation & Arranging for Classically Trained Pianists

  • 10 Levels of Arranging

  • Improvisation, Arranging, and Composition as a Spectrum

  • From Pop to Anime: Levels of Arranging Piano Covers

  • Creativity Masterclass: Weaving Improv & Arranging into Fully-Notated Music

  • Playing Classical Music as Lead Sheets (and Reharmonizing!)

  • Vary!  How to Use Creativity to Keep (Notated) Repertoire Fresh

  • Favorite YouTubers for Music Learning

  • Four Arts of Music: The Legacy of Forrest Kinney

Presentations on Studio Ideas

  • Summer Projects, Private Concerts, Senior Capstone: Letting the Uniqueness of Each Student Shine!

  • Using Metrics and Data in Teaching

  • Developing Holistic Musicians through Mastery-Based Learning

Presentations on Music Business

  • Zero to 50 Students in One Year: Five P's of a Thriving Music Business

  • Hard Product (music-related skills) vs. Soft Product (advertising, professionalism, etc.)

  • How to Build a Webpage for your Studio or Local Organization

Presentations on Music Education and the Brain

  • The Three Domains of Bloom's Taxonomy in Teaching

  • Different Types & Personalities of Masterclass Teachers

  • Music, Psychology, & Linguistics: Phonics, Morphemes, Chunking, Sight Reading, Theory, and more!

Presentations on Artistry

  • 20 ProTips in Music Artistry

  • Musicality through Singing, Conducting, and Acting

  • Expressive Eyebrows (mini session)

Presentations for Music Organizations

  • Bringing Your Local Organization to Professional Standards

  • An Analysis of Presentation Topics & Modalities at Conferences

  • Most Common Topics mentioned in Music Teacher Forums

  • Expanding Your Network: A Survey of Various Music Organizations

Other Topics for Presentations

  • Testing Overview & Comparisons (RCM, ABRSM, CA State Exams)

  • The Piano: Explored (with Piano Technician)

  • Favorite Analogies & Theory

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