I have given presentations at:

  • CAPMT State Conference

  • MTAC State Convention

  • CAPMT Santa Clara Valley Chapter

  • MTAC Santa Clara Branch

  • San Jose State University

Here is a list of presentations that I have given at a Conference and/or am able to give:

Applications of Improvisation & Arranging for Classically Trained Pianists

Zero to 50 Students in One Year: Five P's of a Thriving Music Business

Hard Product vs. Soft Product

From Pop to Anime: Levels of Arranging Piano Covers

The Affective Domain of Bloom's Taxonomy in Teaching

Music, Psychology, & Linguistics: Phonics, Morphemes, Chunking, Sight Reading, Theory, and more!

Testing Overview & Comparisons (RCM, ABRSM, CA State Exams)

LESS is more.  Love Every Student... Simple!

Teaching Styles & Masterclasses: Hard Product vs. Soft Product

Using Metrics and Hard Numbers in Teaching

20 ProTips in Music: How to Sound Professional

New Style Masterclasses

1.  Combining Classical Repertoire with Improvisation & Arranging

2.  Masterclass on Contemporary (non-Classical) Repertoire

Expressive Eyebrows (short session)

Playing Classical Music as Lead Sheets (and Reharmonizing!)

The Piano: Explored (with Piano Technician)

How to Build a Webpage (without code!)

Dealing with Tricky Parents and Colleagues

Favorite Analogies & Theory

A New Music Theory Curriculum

A New Exam Curriculum

Starting a Successful YouTube Channel