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Benefits of Music Education

If given the right approach, music can be an asset for lifelong enjoyment!

Music for Development


Music also makes you think and act in many ways that you don't normally in daily life.  

This TED-Ed video explains how musicians have an advantage in brain and neural development!




















Music: Not Just Classical Music and Recitals


Music is also all around us and more important than you think!  Music lessons aren't just about "having another extra-curricular on the list to college" or "another recital" -- imagine, for example, watching a movie without music!  Watch this video on how much thought and collaboration goes into creating the score for Lord of the Rings!

How to Practice Effectively


As much fun as music is, it does take hard work, like anything else.  Not only practice time, but practicing efficiently is the key -- and the better you get, the more rewarding it becomes!

Grit and the Life Skills of Music


One of the most determining factors in success is grit.  See the discussion by Angela Lee Duckworth here.

Music as a Means to an End -- not an end in itself


As a piano teacher, teaching students how to make music is so small compared to other values...

see below!

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