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Studio Policy

Scheduling a Trial Lesson

  • I have a full-time schedule and teach Monday-Friday from 9 AM - 10 PM.

  • Contact me to schedule a free trial lesson!  Trial lessons typically take around 45 minutes.

  • At the trial lesson, I ask students to play 3 pieces of varying styles.  The pieces do not need to be polished or memorized -- this is just to see where you are at and your style of playing.  (For beginners, you are not expected to play anything!)


During Lessons

  • No eating or drinking during lessons (to protect the piano).

  • For elementary school students, parents are encouraged to sit in the lesson to act as a practice coach (and cheerleader!) at home.  (It is not required every lesson, in case parents need to run errands, take a call for a meeting, etc.)

  • For middle and high school students, parents are encouraged to NOT sit in the lesson to allow their students to become independent learners and responsible contributors.  

  • In the studio, there is free wi-fi, refreshments, and a nice couch for parents sitting in the lessons!


Practice at Home

  • Weekly practice is expected.  Making music is only enjoyable if you are proficient at it!

  • An acoustic piano is highly recommended at home.  Although the technology of electric pianos has come a long way and sounds great, the touch resistance is not sufficient and leads to students building bad habits and insufficient finger dexterity.  

  • For advanced students, a grand piano is highly recommended.  The touch and variety of sounds and dynamics are superior on a grand piano.



  • At the forefront of my teaching philosophy is performing for others.  This is why I perform and also highly encourage my students to perform.  Share your gift of music!

  • I offer a wide variety of performances, including but not limited to studio recitals, RCM/CM/ABRSM testing, and in-home recitals!  

  • Performing is not required, but highly encouraged.



  • I periodically send lesson notes via e-mail to comment about thoughts for student's progress.  The students (and parents) who get the most out of my lessons are the ones who communicate with me on a regular basis.  

  • The advantage of private 1-on-1 lessons is that I can adjust my lessons to the student's desire (push harder, relax more, learn different style of music, do exams, etc.)  

  • Do not hesitate to provide feedback so that I can adjust my teaching to fit the needs of you/your child!



  • Tuition is billed at the rate of 36 lessons per year.  I teach year-round.

    • Unlike some teachers more lessons in a year  but have a "no make-ups" policy, I teach fewer lessons and operate a very flexible make-up policy.  Everyone leads busy lives and this schedule allows for the needed flexibility.

  • Annual tuition is split into 12 equal payments and charged monthly.

Note: Each month may have a slightly different number of lessons, but the monthly tuition remains the same, as it is an annual tuition split into monthly payments, rather than a per-lesson charge.

  • Tuition is due by the 7th of each month.

  • If tuition is late, the instructor reserves the right to refrain from teaching the next lesson until tuition is received.


Attendance & Missed Lessons

  • If the student misses a lesson for any reason or if the instructor cancels unexpectedly, a make-up lesson can be scheduled within 30 days.  (In the summer months of Jun-Aug, make-ups will be allowed until the end of August.)

  • When the instructor takes leave that is planned in advance (music teacher conferences at both state and national levels, vacation, etc.), a make-up lesson will not be scheduled.  

  • If the instructor cancels a lesson last-minute due to unforeseen circumstances, a make-up lesson will be offered.


  • As I have a full teaching schedule, make-up lesson time slots are NOT guaranteed.

  • If a make-up lesson is canceled for any reason, a second make-up lesson will not be scheduled.

What if I am taking an entire month off of lessons (for extended summer vacation, etc.)

  • Option 1: Continue paying tuition as usual but make-up lessons before and after the extended period of time off

  • Option 2; Pay a monthly $100 hold fee, which allows you to keep your slot but without taking any lessons, and no make-up lessons will be given.  This is only applicable to a given calendar month (e.g., July 1-31).


Punctuality & Lateness

  • If student is late, student will receive lesson time until the end of the slot only.

  • If instructor is late by more than 15 minutes, you will receive a complimentary make-up lesson (in addition to the partial lesson).

    • You will never get a lesson shorter than what you paid for if instructor is late.



  • Your home address and contact information will not be shared with anyone under any circumstances unless required by law.

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