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As a piano teacher, I am extremely lucky to work with students as they grow from young kids into mature young adults.  And while music is the core foundation to our studies, I challenge students to think outside the box.  I don't just teach students how to play music, but I work with them to discover "How can music be relevant and applicable to other parts of your life?  How does music shape you as a being?  How can we outreach to others and make an impact?"

I have all students (except Adult Students, in which this is optional) do the following:

Senior Capstone Project: A project that takes 1-2 years (typically Junior & Senior years of high school) that incorporates music (and the types of music they like) with other things they are passionate about with an outreach component -- it should be a project that they are proud of and want to share with the general public.  Truly inspiring results have emerged from these projects, and they are completely student-led, with the creative inspiration almost solely coming from students.

Current Senior Projects include:

Human Harmony Project (Allison H.)

Bellarmine Virtual Concert Series (Max A.)

Jason Louie Piano Lessons (Jason L.)

Leeya H - Anime Arranger (Leeya H.)

Melancholy Album (Myra L. - coming soon!)

Lucas Clark - Composer (Lucas C. - coming soon!)

"Introduction to Raags for the Western Musician" (Kaveri I. - projected 2021)

Summer Project: A project that takes 2-3 months to complete during the summer months.  While some studios take off for the summer, I find it is the best time to work on some of the most creative and engaging projects.  The project format also allows for students to continue working even if they are away from a piano for summer vacations.

Examples have included original compositions, singer/songwriter performances of original songs, improvisations, video editing with multiple instruments, animations, ensemble playing, artwork, presentations, and more. 

(Examples can be seen in the video clips below.)

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