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Music & Arts in the News

Music and the arts often make news, especially here in Silicon Valley, with companies realizing the creativity, flexibility, and depth that the arts can add to one's enrichment.








Handdrawn Treble Clefs by Master Composers (submitted by Anushka B.)

Although today's music notation software can create impeccable treble clefs, it is interesting to see how classical composers used to draw them back in the day!



Neuroscience of Piano Playing and Bimanual Labor (submitted by Iman R.)

Specifically the act of playing the piano requires a lot of coordination between both hands and fingers, activating both sides of the brain.  Professional pianists have better connections in their corpus callosum, which connects the two hemispheres of the brain, allowing for more information to seamlessly travel and incorporate from both sides!



The Surprising Thing Google Learned About Its Employees

Google looked at all of its hiring, firing, and promotion data and found that there are many "soft" qualities that come out on top in terms of looking at patterns of who got hired and promoted.  It might be different than you think!



A Field Guide to the Musical Leitmotifs of Star Wars

leitmotif is a musical melody or idea attached to a certain character.  Master composer John Williams has created these leitmotifs for virtually every character and scene in Star Wars -- read more in this article!









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