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Improvisation & Arranging


Improvising and arranging are both very powerful, both in performance and in practice!  It is certainly not limited to jazz music and can take your understanding (and therefore enjoyment) of music to a whole new level.







Jacob Collier on Harmony

A few valuable tidbits from multi-Grammy Award winner, Jacob Collier.

Classical Improvisation

Improvisation used to be an integral part of even classical music, with the likes of Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven.  We have forgotten this tradition over the years, yet there is a movement to bringing it back.


Improvising in the Style of Classical Composers

Mary Had a Little Lamb in the style of ... Debussy?  Bach?  Mozart?  Prokofiev?  Take a listen!


Daniel Barenboim on Improvisation

Daniel Barenboim, world-famous classical pianist, discusses the art of improvisation.


Functional Looping

You could play a difficult section of a piece over and over until you get it.  But a more meaningful way to practice it is through looping it while varying each time you play!







Jacob collier teaches how to harmonize | Instagram live.
Gaurav Mishra

Jacob collier teaches how to harmonize | Instagram live.

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