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Which track to choose?

Of course these are flexible, but to start, I start students on one of these tracks listed below.  All tracks include sightreading, music theory, ear training, and other skills valuable to all musicians.  And they are not mutually exclusive either, as everyone will play a little bit of Bach, Beethoven, etc.,  and their favorite pop artist.


The Virtuoso


Also known as the "traditional" track, Virtuoso prepares students for competitions, music examinations, etc.

Prepares students who want to continue their music studies beyond high school by giving them a head start and a competitive edge.  Basics such as scales, Hanon, and other finger strengthening exercises will be emphasized.  We will investigate each musical period in detail: Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Impressionistic/Contemporary.  Pieces will be selected to match the students' strengths, but of course, students can also request songs they like!


The Entertainer


What's popular in music today? You'll soon be able to play it in no time.  This track focuses on what I call the "Guitar Method," which imitates how guitarists can use just lyrics, melody, and chords to perform any song in their own style.  In combination with a strong sightreading ability, this allows you to play almost any song you want at will.  We will investigate chord progressions, PVG (Piano/Vocal/Guitar) scores, and "fake books".  Improvisation and simple composition will be taught and encouraged!


The Next YouTube Artist


I'm sure you must have heard of talented, versatile piano artists?  This track calls for the powerful combination of the technique learned from the classics in combination with the tunes that everyone today knows.  Don't just play Alicia Keys, Backstreet Boys, or selections from Frozen, but OWN IT and to your own style!  Take songs and mold them into your own wonderful arrangements.  This track combines elements from both other tracks, as both are essential.  At least one hour lessons are recommended for this track.

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