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Recordings for Tests

Recordings for ABRSM, Royal Conservatory Music Development Program (MDP), and Certificate of Merit (CM) to be included here.

Recorded by Grant, these are meant for instructional use only.  Videos are recorded at full tempo and occassionally recorded at a slower practice tempo.


IMPORTANT NOTE: All videos are password protected, so please use the password welovemusic to access the videos!




Level 1


(A:1) W.A. Mozart - Minuet in G     full    slow

(A:2) Alec Rowley - Fugue     full     slow

(A:3) D.G. Turk - Das Ballett     full     slow


(B:1) A.F. Gedike - Moderato     full     slow

(B:2) Felix Swinstead - Sailor's Song     full     slow

(B:3) Feliks Rybicki - Na lodce     full     slow


(C:1) R.R. Bennett - Thursday     full     slow

(C:2) D. Shostakovich - March     full     slow

(C:3) Warren, Gordon - Chattanooga Choo Choo     full     slow


Level 2


(A:1) Henry Purcell - Hornpipe     full     slow

(A:2) G.P. Telemann - Tres vite     full     slow

(A:3) Thomas Attwood - Allegro     full     slow


(B:1) Nicolai Podgornov - Bear Dance     full     slow

(B:2) C.V. Stanford - Lullaby     full     slow

(B:3) Li Yinghai - Xiong mao     full     slow


(C:1) Hanna, Barbera, Curtin - Meet the Flintstones     full     slow

(C:2) Matyas Seiber - Polka     full     slow

(C:3) Sarah Watts - Strange Things Happen     full     slow




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