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Recording Requests

If you have requested a song, I will put your song on this list so you at least know that I've received your request!


When it disappears from this list, that means it has been recorded and you can find it on the appropriate page :)



Liszt - Liebestraume No. 3 (JA)


Joni Mitchell - Ladies of the Canyon (DM)

Louis Armstrong - What a Wonderful World (MY) - Completed 5/13/14


White Album 2 - After All 綴る思い (RK)

Air - 鳥の詩 (RK)

Angel Beats! - 一番の宝物 (RK)

Little Busters! - Boys Be Smile (RK)

CLANNAD - 渚 坂の下の別れ (RK)







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