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Adult Piano Class


Looking for piano lessons in a relaxed and encouraging environment?

The class is held in a "masterclass" format. Essentially, each student in the class will prepare a piece, perform it in front of the class, then the instructor will make comments to the student (just like a 1-on-1 lesson) in front of the whole class. Then students take turns performing. It is good to watch other students be critiqued as well, as it helps your listening skills and understanding many different songs as well.  It also helps to get you performing in front of a small, but familiar crowd on a regular basis!


Due to the format of the class, all levels and genres of music welcome, as the instructor also enjoys playing a wide variety of music.

Adult Masterclass Details

  • Thursdays 7:30-9 PM

  • Approximately $20 per class

  • Registration is open and ongoing, enroll or audit a class at any time!  

  • Please notify instructor first before attending.  As always, of course feel free to contact with any other questions or concerns you may have.

  • Visit us at our Facebook group here!


Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  I am a beginner.  Will this class work for me?


Yes, it can!  But you have to be self-motivated to learn a lot outside of the class.  You are of course welcome to ask me any questions via e-mail.  


Q:  Does this class continue all year round?


Yes, it does!  I'm always here for you.


Q:  What if I have to skip a class?


I charge for the group class in 3 sessions per year.  It is priced in such a way that allows for a few absences, but there are no refunds given for missed classes.  This is a great class for working individuals and also those who cannot commit to weekly private lessons.


Q:  Do you have performances?


Yes!  We have 3 recitals a year (adults only!), as well as occassional performances in the community, such as at San Jose International Airport.  These are optional, but those who perform benefit greatly from it.


Spring 2017 Schedule


Jan 12 - First Class of the Session 

Jan 19 

Jan 26 


Feb 2 - NO CLASS

Feb 9 - Topics of Conversation 1

Feb 16 - Theme Night: Love Songs

Feb 23 


Mar 2 


Mar 9 - Theme Night: Soundtracks 

Mon, Mar 13 - Special Guest Lecturers: Daniel Raynaud & Ron Borelli on Jazz and Improvisation

Mar 23 - Topics of Conversation 2 (decide recital piece by this day) 

Mar 30


Apr 6 - NO CLASS

Apr 13 - In Focus 1

Apr 20 - San Jose International Airport Night

Apr 27 - In Focus 2

Sun, Apr 30 - Adult Recital


May 4 

May 11 - Final Class of the Session 

To explain some of the special classes: 

Topics of Conversation - We did this last year a bit, where students can bring a topic to discuss (practice styles, why is music written in a certain way, performance anxiety, etc.).  We usually still have time for any student who wants to play a piece as well.  Technically, while you could do this at any class, these classes would be more focused on deeper discussion. 

Theme Nights - In regular classes, you can bring any piece to play.  During theme nights, we play pieces of a specific theme.  This time, I have chosen "Love Songs" and "Soundtracks" -- keeping them relatively open for interpretation! 

Social Evening - The Spring session is pretty long, so I'd like to break it up with a social night out!  You are invited to bring a guest/significant other and I will also be opening this up to my other adult students. 

In Focus - In preparation for the recital, I will have everyone play their recital piece and we will spend a longer time discussing your piece.  During these two weeks, I will have a maximum of 3 people, so each person will essentially have almost a 30-minute private lesson. 



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