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The Man With a Passion for Pianos

The piano is simply his passion! With unbridled dedication, he strives to achieve the highest level of craftsmanship and service.

Peter began studying the piano at the age of eight in Los Gatos with Ms. Brown and later Mrs. Ralph Condon. He went on to study privately with John Delavoryus, former Professor of Piano Studies at San Jose State University. A Bay Area native, Peter has family roots dating back seven generations. He attended Los Gatos High School before enrolling at UC Santa Barbara as a World Literature Major. In 2005, Peter passed all of his examinations offered by the Piano Technicians Guild at the highest level to become a Registered Piano Technician.

Having worked on hundreds of different piano brands over the years, Peter has received specialized training at the Steinway factory in New York. He has attended factory training seminars at the Oberlin Music Conservatory in Ohio (sponsored by Steinway & Sons), as well as at Renner Academy in Arizona. Working for over ten years with local Steinway retailers preparing pianos, handling customer repair requests, and tuning for the Steinway Concert & Arts Division has helped Peter become a locally recognized piano technician.

Peter specializes in tuning, voicing, regulating and reconditioning or rebuilding fine and heirloom grand piano actions. He is a Concert and University Technician, and is currently the head Piano Technician at both Santa Clara University and Los Positas Community College. He maintains close to a dozen pianos in various concert venues throughout the Bay Area. A former Tennis Teaching Professional, he now enjoys

hiking and bicycle riding. Peter lives in Willow Glen with his wife, Tracy, and their cat Minnaloushe.

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